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TA Demo Recorder

Although referred as recorder only this third party tool developed by the Swedish Yankspankers allows you to record and to replay TA games you either recorded yourself on your computer or anyone else on theirs. The recorder is only able to record multiplayer games. You can't use it to record singleuser games like missions or skirmish games.

Principle the recorder is implemented by putting a new DirectPlay DLL into your TA directory. Since the original DirectPlay DLL as shipped with the operating system is left untouched other games than TA will still use the original DLL in the operating system folder thus avoiding conflicts. The new modified DLL hooks into any DirectPlay function the totala.exe may call during a online game and thus allows to log the whole network traffic between the computer of the recording player and the other players computers into a file.

It's sufficient to record a multiplayer game at one end to get all data needed to reconstruct the complete game later on from the log file since TA is using a peer to peer communication approach to exchange the multiplayer game data. That means every computer is transfering its game data to each other computer all time. In fact a game with for example three players is processed three times at once - one time on each players computer. Keep in mind a recording of the same multiplayer TA game done by two different players will differ. How much they differ depends from the quality of the network connection between the players and the speed of their computers.

The replayer (which is part of the recorder bundle) is used to replay any previously logged game data. It opens the game log file and feeds the data right into a launched TA instance setup for a multiplayer game. All this is done automatically for you and you don't need to connect to the Internet to replay a TA recording either.

The last stable recorder version is 0.99b2 and besides the features described above it includes way more usefull integrated tools than I mentioned. I also included the previous version 0.97b since some people claim to get a worse game performance with the latest version.

The recorder bundle comes with a self installer and a very good HTML documentation. I recommend you read this manual before you start to bother other TA players with questions already answered in the manual.

Recorder commands working on computers without the recorder

Playing people with the TA Recorder installed while you don't have it can be a real disadvantage. For example, the key macro support (also referred as tahook) allows you to queue long build orders for construction units in no time. No more time wasting with the queue key SHIFT which consumes quite some time when micromanaged. Other features like the idle construction unit finder, the shared Line Of Sight, the 100 units at once queue change for factories and last not least the map drawing and marker functions clearly will give the Recorder users an advantage over someone without it. But all of these functions can be switched off by issuing the commands listed below in the battle room chat line. These commands will affect any computer with the TA recorder installed in the game, no matter if the computer where you issue them runs the TA Recorder or not. All TA recorder commands begin with a dot character in order to tell them apart from the original game commands starting with the plus sign.

Command Supported in version Effect
.report 0.97b and higher Shows everyone who has the recorder installed and if the recording function is switched on. If you see the letter T at the first position of the status flag tripple recording is switched on otherwise not. For example [T–] tells you the game will be recorded by this particular player, [—] shows the recording function being turned off at that computer.
.tahookoff 0.98b5 or higher, 0.97b with tahook add-on installed Turns the key macro feature off as well as the idle construction unit finder and resets the number of units queued at once in a factory when using the SHIFT key from 100 back to 10.
.ehaoff 0.98b5 or higher Disables Line Of Sight Sharing between allies, map draw and map marker option as well as 100 unit change for factory queuing and idle construction unit finder. Principle this switches off all the new features introduced with version 0.98b5 and runs it in 0.97b mode.


  1. Download the Recorder installer version 0.99b2 which is the latest version originally released by the Swedish Yankspankers.
    Download the Recorder installer version 0.97 if your computer is very slow or when you encounter problems with screwed in game graphics when using version 0.99b2 above. Note that the installer of version 0.97 is a 16bit application so you won't be able to run it on a 64 bit edition of the Windows OS.
  2. Open a Windows File Explorer and navigate to the folder you downloaded the installer to.
  3. Launch the installer by double clicking on the installer file in the Windows File Explorer.
  4. Follow the instructions of the installer.

Call syntax

Doesn't apply since the Recorder is implemented as DLL.

Program exit codes

Doesn't apply since the Recorder is implemented as DLL

Version overview

No official build/change information available.

Recorder source code

Demo Recorder version 0.99b2 source code is available for download. The Recorder was developed with Borland Delphi 6 and Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0.

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