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Recorded TA games

Watching a recorded game is only possible if all prerequisites for doing so are fulfilled:

  1. You need to install the TA Demo Recorder which also includes the replay module you need to watch recorded games.
  2. You need to have the map installed the recorded game was played on.
  3. You need to have all units installed used in the recorded game.
  4. You need to download the game recording file to your computer.

An uncompressed game recording file has a .tad suffix at the end of its name. After having installed the TA Demo Recorder its replay module is associated with that suffix. Thus just by double left clicking on an entry for a uncompressed recording file from within the Windows File Explorer browse view should automatically launch the replay module. If the file you downloaded comes in a compressed format you first have to extract the .tad file contained in it before you can replay the game recording.

The recorded game directory

Recorded cheaters

That recording section covers recordings showing more or less obvious use of cheating programs for TA. Expect to see effects of instant build, invulnerability and resource cheating programs/modifications here.

Using the TA Demo Recorder to detect cheaters

Starting with version 0.98b5 of the TA Demo Recorder you will see all players metal and energy storage status as well as their metal and energy income in a small window (which you can place anywhere on the main screen by drag and drop) when you watch a recording thru the recorder's replay module. That gives you all the information you need to detect resource cheats like sudden energy/metal boosts or a never dropping storage.

If you want to check for LOS, instant kill and invulnerability cheats or if you still have an older Recorder version installed then you have to use the +view <n> and +los commands. Both have to be issued from within the game being replayed. To execute them just hit the ENTER key to bring up the in game chat prompt at the bottom of the screen and type the commands into the chat. Finish the input by hitting the ENTER key again.

+view <n> switches the observation context to the player with number <n> in the game. <n> ranges from zero to the number of players in game less one. Just play around with the numbers until the context is set to the player you want to incarnate. All units of the player the context is set to will show their health bars (if you activated this option by using appropriate key) and the regular metal/energy storage display at the top of the main screen will reflect the players current storage status. The +view <n> command is also the only way to see underwater units and structures on the main screen which is in range of the ARM sonar jamming sub owned by the incarnated player. This sub is called Fibber and can be built in the ARM advanced shipyard if you have the TA:CC expansion installed.

If you issue the +los command after you set the context to a player by using the +view <n>command you will see exactly what was visible in their LOS at this point of time in the game. To switch off the LOS filter just issue the +los command again.

To change context to another player execute the +view <n> command with another player number. To remove the context from all players issue the +view command without a player number <n>. You have to unfocus from all players if you want to use the .sonar command which comes with the TA Demo Recorder replay module. It places a sonar unit at the top left corner of the map that will unreveale all underwater stuff on the main map for the watcher (you) except structures and units jammed by Fibber submarines (see above).

The cheater recording files

Micromanage your units

Sometimes you are able to cause some incredible damage with just a few units micromanaged perfectly. Micromanagement covers a wide area of interesting tactics like sneaking into the backyard of your opponent with a small jammed attack group, using air lifter(s) to bypass defenses or terrain obstacles thus allowing you to take out key structures considered being safe, launching a coordinated attack with at least two groups of units from different directions, a perfectly performed roach bombing or a flawless bomber run.

The micromanaging recording files

Let me introduce you to Mr. Lag

Did you ever witnessed one of these after game debates taking place in a TA game service chat room and wonder what the heck the term lag stands for? Ever got insulted for lagging like hell in a game you played while you had no idea at all what they have been talking about? If the answer is yes then you should first check the explanation of the term lag and then take a look at the recordings in is section in order to understand the problems arising when playing a computer game like TA online.

The lag recording files

The stupid mistakes parade

Even a seasoned player can't play a flawless game every time. But sometimes a single mistake can cost you the victory. This is not about just leaving metal spots uncovered by extractors the whole game nor about the lack of reclaiming debris or other resources lounging around completely ignored by the player. And it's not about starting expensive structures or units without a sufficient resource base either. The recordings here show Commanders going to a better place with a big bang due to a single but fatal mistake.

The stupid mistakes parade recording files

In the air tonight

You can take pretty nice snapshots while your Commander is attached to one of those air lifters. Just be sure it's your own Atlas or Valkyrie. Some people call it Commander napping we call it Involuntary Air Ride. A player who managed to kidnap a Commander will just self destruct the air lifter and thus killing the Commander attached to it too. In team games the kidnapper usually tries to bring his victim as close as possible to another Commander of the enemy team in order to get two birds with one stone when he blows up the air lifter: the blast of the napped Commander will kill the second Commander too if the lifter made it close enough.

Many people call this a lame tactic some people call it cheating. I think there is nothing wrong with it. You can easily defend against it by having a single anti air unit in range. A sole air lifter can even be handled by the Commander itself if you are aware of the situation. The light laser of the Commander will kill the lifter as long you move him around (changing direction often to cause the air lifter turning around for a new attempt) and have him set to fire at will.

The in the air tonight recording files

Unexpected winners

I thought it would be funny to put some recordings on the site which demonstrate winning a TA game doesn't depend on the resource production ratios only but also from building the right things according the current situation. If you ever played a game when you thought you or your team is almost dead just to see the tide turn you know what I'm speaking about. What makes this kind of games so interesting is the fact the team/player losing at the end is usually far ahead resource wise but still lost the game due to lack of scouting, losing their Commander to a sudden strike (most online games are played with the Dead Commander game option set to Game Ends) or just picking a wrong strategy. The games in this section prove that resources do not necessarily determine the denouement of a TA game.

The unexpected winners recording files

Flash flood rising

Flash Flooders just ignore the the fact even standard TA without TA:CC comes with more than one cheap level one attack unit. I'm not talking about using like 10 or 15 Flash tanks at once. At least one player in all the recordings here is building nothing else than Flashes - for early attack at least and in huge numbers. Lean back and enjoy - if you can.

The flash flood rising recording files

Strange recordings

Sometimes you don't know how to assess stuff going on in recording. You may not know for sure if the strange stuff to be seen is a result of lag or cheating or if one of the players is doing strange things on purpose to make it just as if. So this is the place where I put all recordings that can't be ranged into any other category.

The strange recording files

TA:CC insanity

Some really cost ineffective units had been included in TA:CC by CDE. They eat up tons of resources for being built, have a long build time and are considered TA's equivalent of a black hole - resource and effect wise. On the other hand those units are really fun to watch in action. Anyone who ever experienced a group of Krogoths going rampage in their base or was on the receiving end of a Buzzsaw will understand what I mean…

The TA:CC insanity recording files

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