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TA knowledge base

For the time being, the knowledge base is split into a public and restricted area.

Restricted area

Articles in the restricted area can be read by anyone but can't be edited.

Restricted area

Public area

In the public area anyone can create new articles and modify existing articles, just like in a classic Wiki.

In order to edit or add new articles in the public area you need a DokuWiki account for first. I had to disable DokuWiki's feature that allows visitors to create their accounts themselves due to bots abusing it. So write an email to tcbw at if you want to have an account created.

Things to do before you start editing the public area

Best Practice for sub namespaces

When you create a new sub namespace consider its hierarchy carefully. For example, when you create the first MOD article ever by adding the first article for the Uberhack MOD, the namespace structure ta:knowledgebase:public_area:mods:uberhack is the better choice than just ta:knowledgebase:public_area:uberhack. This is so because the former hierarchy gives the next MOD article author a good anchor point in the namespace hierarchy for his own MOD sub namespace below the mods node.

On the other hand, if there already exists a reasonable sub namespace structure for a topic, then place your new namespace/article there. Considering a mods sub namespace already exits after the Uberhack article had been added, the first article for the MOD TA Bugfix should be placed at the ta:knowledgebase:public_area:mods:tabugfix namespace.

The first new page in every namespace should be a page with the name start. It serves as the anchor point for links to pages at the same namespace level and pages in sub namespace further down the hierarchy. The start page should also state the topic the namespace is associated with in order to make it easier to place new articles into the best fitting namespace.

Remember, the primary way to find an article is not to navigate the namespace structure starting at the knowledge base anchor page but the search via the field at the top right of the screen. So don't worry too much about that your article might be hidden away when you store it deep down the namespace hierarchy - DokuWiki is full text search indexing every article, so none will get lost no matter where in the namespace hierarchy you place it.

Public area

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